Virtuoso Saxophonist/Composer/Arranger
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Press Reviews

 "What Denny Morouse does when he plays is pour his heart and humanity out there into the room with you. His virtuosity is self-evident - he is a master of his instrument - but what is more .important is you actually feel the soul and warmth of the man playing the music. Multi-talented, a brilliant accomplished composer and arranger. But words can't really convey what Denny is about. While he is articulate on the subject of music, and a warm conversationalist and generous teacher, to understand him best is simply to hear him play."

  Karl Taro Greenfeld, journalist: TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, GQ, and Vogue
 "Denny makes his entrance with absolute authority, completely relaxed into the rhythm and completely in charge of it and his improvisation is really brilliant, and his sound manages to express both pain and tenderness. improvisation music really doesn't get any better than this. His music bears comparison with that of the stars of earlier and present generations. But he is more even than that. There are some people who are simply and fundamentally musical; they seem to be put here to make music, and when they go to play, the music just pours out of them. Dizzy Gillespie was that way; so was Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Michael Brecker; so is Morouse. He knows his horn completely, and he has a true virtuoso's technique, which seems to have been developed not for itself but because he needs it to be able to make all the music he wants to make. When he is on -  and he is very much on here - the form he works in is simply not large enough to contain the music, and the music just spills out and overflows it."


"Denny Morouse is an exceptional saxophonist who plays from the heart with a warm, rich, full sound. Soulful. A naturally gifted composer and arranger who writes memorable songs that speak to the musician as well as the listener." 

 Michael Brecker, World Renowned Saxophonist
Denny Morouse is one of the best saxophonists I ever heard....He plays with such passion that people go crazy after they hear his solos...He is strong, digs in, brings the level of playing for me and my Band up to new heightened levels."

Buddy Miles, Drummer with Jimi Hendrix' Band of Gypsies and Electric Flag